How to get the best car rental?

If you are planning a long weekend and thinking of renting luxury car, you must keep some important things in mind before you hire a rental company. With the increasing demand of luxury cars, rental companies make sure they are able to provide the car of choice to their customers. So for those who can’t afford expensive exotics, luxury rentals are the best solution for them. You must consider the following steps while choosing the rental company

best car
•    Search for the best rental company. For most of car enthusiast’s money might not be a problem as they are willing to pay up to $2500 to drive their dream car. You can find the best by searching through the internet. There are some brokers out there who actually do not own the vehicles but provide them on rent to the customers. They are absolutely illegal and if you are caught driving their vehicle, you may run into a great problem.
•    Ask for the insurance policy. Before you hire a luxury car rental company, you must ask them to explain their insurance policy to you in detail. Ask for how losses would be treated along with the breakdown services. Most of the rental companies working internationally provide their customers best of their services and have fixed rates.
•    If you are planning a long trip, local rental companies might not be suitable for you. They do not provide breakdown services and charge you more if you are traveling to another state. Although they are best for interstate travel, but must not be considered if you have to travel long miles. You must select international luxury car rental companies for long distance travels as they have minimized rates and can give you the car of your choice.
•    It is strongly recommended that you must not hire a rental company from the airport. They make their customers pay airport surcharges which will increase your travel expenditure. You can find a popular rental company at a distance from the airport at cheaper rates.
•    Do not pay gas charges in advance. If the rental company asks you to take a plan which requires advance gasoline payments, you will be paying for the fuel which you might not have used when you return the car.
•    To get a low cost rental vehicle, you must define your needs to the rental company. If you are traveling with loads of belongings, you might be needing a SUV. You can find a mid-sized luxury sedan at a lower cost by which you can also save on gas expenditures. Define your requirements to the rental company at first so that they could give you the best package.